CrutchLock - your crutches will never topple over again!


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Every time I put my crutches down they crash to the ground and having only one leg means when I bend to pick them up I often lose my balance and fall over. says amputee Caroline. My physio is delighted that I now have the CrutchLock because I am much safer and no longer have falls from bending down to retrieve crutches.

If you are a user of elbow crutches, the revolutionary new CrutchLock is a must for you. You know the problem. You put down your crutches...
And over they topple, time and time again!

Also ideal for users of single crutches and walking sticks. Attaches to vehicles, walls, tiles, doors - next to anywhere you sit!


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International patents pending.


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- no hands to carry keys, phone & drink? Problem solved!


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